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Interview with Aaron Broomfield

Aaron Broomfield's beautiful 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya' on Mountain Records is a midtempo killer that's hard to find on vinyl. ther recordings by Aaron Broomfield on the same label are the very rare 'Doin' It Our Way', 'No Handouts' and 'Polyphase'. ny original recording of Aaron's funky and soulful music is always highly sought after by recordcollectors around the world. I'm Gonna Miss Ya' is one of those essential rare-groove diamonds that every collector just needs to have. See below the rare video of 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya' from Aaron's private archive!

Hello Aaron, it's an honor to have you featured on as you are one of the most respected artists in underground dancemusic from the 80's. We know your music very well but very little is known about the man behind the music. Who is Aaron Broomfield and where did he come from?

Aaron Broomfield:

Well, to answer this question, I will have to go into some detail about myself and my family. I was born in Georgia, U.S.A. but I grew up in North Miami Beach, Florida U.S.A., along with seven other siblings. Six of us would become totally engulfed in music. Over the years we learned several instruments. I am a vocalist that picked up some keyboards, played around with drums but landed on what would become my keynote instrument: the bass guitar. My brothers, beginning with Ben is a vocalist, plays the piano and the guitar. Al, a vocalist plays the keyboards. Ron, a vocalist also plays the keyboards but is best known by his middle name Eugene. Vincent, a vocalist plays the sax. And then there is sister Diane, a vocalist, also known as Dee Dee. We worked together most of those early years. But there were many times along the way where I as well as my siblings would play with other known artist from south Florida. Artists like Betty Wright, KC and the Sunshine Band, Timmy Thomas, Little Beaver, Julio Iglesias, Michael Sterling and many, many more. In those days, individually and collectively we inspired many from diverse ethnic backgrounds to believe and become musicians. We were known as the Broomfields and by our individual names and instruments as well as many different band names; The Douglas MacArthur Band, The Chevrons, Shades of Brown, and Ben and The Magnificent Four. But it was our influence and the effects it had on the people that eventually became the pillar that led to the family band name ‘Broomfield Corporate Jam’. It is from this unit, this beginning and the influences of many great artist from the sixties and seventies I sprung.

Wow, that's truly a musical family, having Eugene and Dee Dee as a brother and sister. I didn't know they were your relatives. As we know, both had solo careers under the names Eugene Wilde and Dee Dee Wilde, being responsible for several international hits. Also Al Broomfield is praised, especially for his beautiful 'Don't Cover Up Your Feelings'. Your other brother, Vincent, was the producer of another fantastic record from 1987: Audio - 'Do You Really Want Me' on MOTE Records, which is the mothercompany of Mountain Records. Were you involved in that project too?

Aaron Broomfield:

Yes, I was mostly behind the scenes, singing background vocals, helping and advising doing production.

Now, 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya' is an outstanding and highly original record by yourself. Was this the first recording on your Mountain Records? And how did you come to write that song?

Aaron Broomfield:

The first recording on Mountain Records was 'Doin' It Our Way' as Broomfield Corporate Jam in 1979. One day in 1980 alone, sitting in a park in Los Angeles California, playing my bass, I was thinking about home, a failing marriage, a three year old daughter and my mother. All seemed to converge on my mind at the same time. So here I was, 3000 miles away from everybody I knew, alone with very little money when the reality of why I came to Los Angeles hit me. I came to make a record. While watching the people come and go and with thoughts of things back home I started kind of humming to myself 'I’m Gonna Miss Ya'. Then this bass line pop into my head. Before I knew it, everything that I was feeling just started coming together. I said to myself: I got to record this. So to make a long story short, I started doing odd jobs to raise enough money; I found a studio in West Hollywood called Hit Man. I went in and started recording. A few months later I went back to Miami, added my brothers and my sister Diane to the tracks and it was released in 1981 as my first solo 12" single.

And what a great one! The whole record is so cool, i don't know anyone who doesn't like it.
Do you remember how many copies were pressed of 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya'?

Aaron Broomfield:

There were only several thousand copies of this record pressed.

How was the record perceived? Was it being played on the radio or in clubs?

Aaron Broomfield:

This record received overall good reviews. However, I was told by several program and music directors at that time that I have a very good record but my music was ahead of it’s time and unfortunately for me, they felt that 'time would have to catch up with my music'. I got light to moderate air play in Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, Florida- Richmond, Hampton, Norfork, Virginia – Boston, Massachusetts and DJ pools in Los Angeles and New York. My best reviews came from Sheffield, England. There it was received well.

Rumours say that you released another 12 inch on Mountain Records: 'I've Got The Music'. A record i've never seen or heard though. Does it really exist and if so, could you tell us the year of release?

Aaron Broomfield:

I never released a record titled 'I’ve Got The Music'. If there is such a record out there, it is by someone who is pretending to be me.

Aha, then that fairytale is out of the world and i can delete it from my wantlist. :) Thanks for clearing things up. Now, you still produce music with the 'Broomfield Corporate Jam'. Who are taking part in this project besides you? And what kind of music do you guys make?

Aaron Broomfield:


Aaron Broomfield a.k.a. "Assami" - Vocals, bass, drums, and keys
Ben Broomfield – Guitar
Ron a.k.a. "Eugene" Broomfield – Vocals, keyboards
Al Broomfield – Vocals, keyboards
Vincent Broomfield – Vocals, sax
Diane a.k.a. "Dee Dee" - Vocals

The kind of music is somewhat underground, a universal fusion of funk, rock and dance with overtones of R&B, Pop and Jazz. It reflects the history and legacy of Broomfield Corporate Jam as a high energy, mind catching concert Jam Band. A sample from the CD will be sent to and posted on other sites on the internet in about a week for the public listening, it is titled 'In My Lifetime'. The CD will be released in late July 2005. Also I have a new solo project and a change of name, as the artist "Assami". The CD is titled "Off The Norm" which is more underground. It picks up where 'Polyphase' left off, to be released around the same time or perhaps early August of 2005.

I heard 'In My Lifetime' and must say it's pretty underground and funky indeed. Hat off to you guys. You being the labelowner of Mountain Records enables you to re-issue your own music, which you already did. You re-issued 'Polyphase' last year. Are there more re-issues going to come out? And did you know that 'I'm Gonna Miss Ya' and 'Polyphase' have been re-issued on a label called Playcard Records?

Aaron Broomfield:

I have been considering re-issuing “I’m Gonna Miss Ya” but not at this time. As for the second half of your question; I didn't know about this re-release on Playcard Records and I can tell you it's a violation of copyright laws. Nobody has been granted legal permission to re-issue, re-press and distribute my music and this matter will be looked into.

I understand your point of view. Rare funk and soul records have proven to be a lucrative business and some people just don't seem to care about copyrights, quite a shame. Next question: It seems that there are 2 versions with different running times of 'Polyphase' is that correct?

Aaron Broomfield:

Unfortunately there is a large black market, and just as Hollywood is having a hard time protecting it's movies, so is it with the record labels. I hope that there is no other copy cats out there. As for the difference in the running times of the 'Polyphase' record, my re-issue should say 4:47, and this is a misprint which should have been 4:17. However, like the original which came in the mountain jacket, these are pressed from the same mothers and are the original recordings.

I was wondering, were there other artists signed to Mountain Records as well?

Aaron Broomfield:

Other than ‘Broomfield Corporate Jam’ and ‘Aaron Broomfield’ there were no other artists signed to Mountain Records U.S.A. However I have discovered that there is a Mountain Records Label located in South Africa who does have other artists.

Why didn't you release an LP back then, didn't you have enough material to record?

Aaron Broomfield:

I have enough material for three LP's now. But back in the early 80's, trying to record as an independent artist was very expensive. And with no major financial backing the budget simply was not there. So it is now that my first LP will be.

Aaron, many thanks for your time and words. I wish you all the best in your career and succes with your upcoming cd. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Aaron Broomfield:

I would like to give thanks to all of you for embracing and keeping my music alive in your heart and minds all these years. You have inspired me to write again and to share my experiences, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams. Perhaps the program and music directors were right and time has finally caught up with my music. I hope that you will once again let your minds and your hearts be forever open. These are challenging and stressful times we are living in today, may all of you find truth and happiness in your daily lives. I hope my music and all the music of "Broomfield Corporate Jam" will lift your spirit and awareness and inspire you to do good things for yourself and humanity.

Love and Peace,

Aaron Broomfield a.k.a. "Assami"

June, 2005

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