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History of 80's Modern Soul, Funk & Boogie

Most people will agree that funk music came about from the soul and doo-wop bands of the 50's and 60's. In 1965, with his release of 'Poppa's got a brand new bag', The 'Godfather of Funk', James Brown, is believed to have started the dynasty of funk which continued through the 70's, gradually transforming into the synthesized soul and funk of the 80's. >>



R&B record producers often represent a musical force that is significant in the success story of many celebrated black artists. Their productions change the face of R&B music. In the 80's Soul and Funk got smoother and less live and acoustic than in previous decades. >>                    


Here you can read the history on some of the greatest records that are featured in danceclassics' record gallery. The artists and producers that i have interviewed over the years are generally unknown to the public. Nevertheless, each of them have a story to tell so let's turn the spotlights on!    


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