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Interview with Kim Covington

Born in New Jersey, Kimberly Covington started singing at age five and joined the local church choir at age 12. She graduated the conservatory and started her professional singing career with the musical "A Different Class" for which she toured 8 years across the USA, Asia and Hawaii. In the 80's she was active in soulmusic and she gave concerts alongside artists like Chaka Khan, Billy Paul and Gloria Gaynor. The canadian Street-Level label released in 1983 Kim Covington's 12 inch single titled 'All Of My Love'. The same label gave us Hipnotic - Are you lonely and The Chesnut Brothers - Sweet Little Rita. The three records have in common that they are always in demand, especially the Hipnotic 12 inch for which collectors pay top prices. (click here to listen to a sample of 'All Of My Love')

Hello Kimberly, it's nice to have an interview with yet another 'rare-groove' artist. Actually your brother contacted me because he needed some information about your record. What I understood from him is that you weren't sure about the recordlabel it was released on?

Kimberly Covington:

I knew it was going to be released on Street-Level Records, but that was the only news I had and then shortly after I was notified that the company was closing. Frankly, I didn't know anything about the record until I recently re-discovered it on your site. I don't even have a copy myself!

That's incredible! Well, as a matter of fact your record also got released on the belgium label BMC. Street-Level Records existed for just 1 or 2 years, that's why only few releases have been realised. Can you tell me something about your hook-up with the producer Joe Freeman and the other musicians?

Kimberly Covington:

It was L. Richardson and Allan Felder that presented me to Joe Freeman in the recording studio in Philly.

How long did the recording of 'All of my love' take and can you tell me something about the equipment that was used?

Kimberly Covington:

It took just one week spending about 8 to 10 hours a day in the studio. For the equipment you have to speak with L. Richardson for technical informations (that's not my thing).

Where exactly was the recording done?

Kimberly Covington:

The track was recorded at Society Hill Studio Philadelphia and Sigma Sound Studio Philadelphia. The mastering was done by Herbie 'Love Bug' Powers.

Your record is always in demand. Did you know how many copies were going to be printed?

Kimberly Covington:

No I do not know anything about it, and I will appreciate any further information.

Since most soul and funk was released in the U.S.A and the United Kingdom, several good records were released in Canada as well. Was there a 'scene' and did you know many people that were in this music business?

Kimberly Covington:

Yes we were HOT! We were all a part of Norman Harris's gang who was the guitarist of M.F.S.B. and with Kenny Gamble who was the owner of Philadelphia International Records.

Other releases on Street-Level are very sought after as well, such as Hipnotic and the Chesnut Brothers. Do you know about these bands?

Kimberly Covington:

I knew about these groups, but we never met.

What do you do nowadays, are you still active as a singer?

Kimberly Covington:

Yes, after touring in Asia, Hawaii, Caribbean, I've based myself in Paris, where I continue to record and live with my music. I'm doing shows in all of Europe and one of my latest recordings got released by SONY France.

Thanks a lot Kim, for this interview and your contribution to rare-groove music. Is there anything you would like to add?

Kimberly Covington:

Well, I'm not under any recording contract right now and I do have some new material that I would like to have released even in USA and Canada. It would be nice to come home and hear my song on the radio. Thanks to all of you who enjoy listening to " All Of My Love" and I continue to give just that to all of you.

Best Regards, Kim Covington. (Contact & Booking:

March, 2004

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